Suffolk Got Smaller 50 Years Ago

    Map from the Association of British Counties showing the traditional Suffolk - Norfolk border.

    County border changes 50 years ago - left Suffolk a smaller as villages were moved into Norfolk.

    50 years ago - places such as Hopton-on-Sea and Bradwell changed counties and were removed from Suffolk.

    It was in 1974 that Suffolk’s border was moved south as part of reforms under the Local Government Act.

    It was another change to the county border which saw Suffolk become smaller - whilst Norfolk expanded and included Burgh Castle, Fritton, St Olaves and Belton.

    The border change in 1974 was not the first - as the tradtional border was along the River Waveney, through Breydon Water and out to sea at Great Yarmouth.

    This meant places such as Gorleston and parts of Great Yarmouth were originally in Suffolk.

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